Learn More about Marketing Field



A marketing professional is responsible for handling a company’s advertising strategies, creating campaigns for company exposure, and analyzing data for products and services. A career in marketing also involves making decisions regarding the promotion, distribution, and pricing of products. Marketing is largely focused on reaching potential customers, so research plays a crucial role. 

The Internship

Marketing internships help you aquire knowledge of major methodological approaches for both qualitative and quantitative market research. As a marketing intern, you’ll learn how to create plans of action to match perceptions of the market. Marketing interns thrive as self-starters who can handle multiple tasks and think outside the box.  

The Career Option

The marketing field is a broad one, and there are many career paths that are taken, from creative to analytical. Entry-level marketing specialists may choose a job in brand management, market research, or public relations management. A competitive field, marketing can also lead to a fulfilling career as a sales manager or advertising manager, working with sales staff to set goals and designing ad campaigns for clients.