Make it splash

Eagle Pathways Marketing Intern Program


What is SPLASH project?

Invite students to participate in a marketing project and temp internship with Eagle Pathways to create a “Splash” campaign for brand promotion.

The basic outline of the project code-named SPLASH, will entail an introduction to Marketing Communication and Design Thinking®  as it applies to marketing, after which students will be divided into groups to conduct a group assignment.

Interns who demonstrate excellence and passion can and will considered for a more permanent long-term internship. These offers should we choose to extend them will be received following the competition of project SPLASH.

Marketing proposal will then be presented to the collective group where all participates will have the opportunity to discuss and share ideas. For the remainder of the project the entire cohort will work together to plan and execute a marketing activity/event for Eagle Pathways.

What do marketing interns do? 

Help with a variety of tasks ranging from marketing researching, communication planning, social media marketing, social media content planning and helping with the networking events. 

Who can join SPLASH program?

High school students / University students who are interested in marketing field.

(Number will be capped 12 participants)

How long will it take?

5 weeks

Week Schedule

Week1: Kick-off meeting

Week2: Training (Design Thinking®)

Week3: Case study & Group discussion

Week4: Group work


Why join?

Eagle Pathways provides internship program that enable qualified individuals to gain valuable professional experience in marketing field. This program not only help student and their destination in their future career, but also let you know first-hand what your dream career field is like. 

Working as an intern in this field will push you out of your comfort zone and help you on your way to becoming a young professional.

Moreover, it is a project-based internship. Participants will learn how to work as a team to solve marketing task for company in real life.

How to apply?

Please drop your email address below this page with a statement of interest as well as include your Wechat ID, so we can add you to the project SPLASH group.  

Learn More about Marketing

Are you looking for marketing internships or entry level marketing jobs?  

Marketing internships help you aquire knowledge of major methodological approaches for both qualitative and quantitative market research. As a marketing intern, you’ll learn how to create plans of action to match perceptions of the market. Marketing interns thrive as self-starters who can handle multiple tasks and think outside the box.  


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